Section Overview
The Facilities Maintenance Section is responsible for providing a clean, safe and professional working environment for the public and City staff. This includes the maintenance of 28 buildings, 21 park restrooms and 40 shade/recreation structures totaling more than 360,000 square feet. Daily work activities include the maintenance of over 4,300 light fixtures with more than 7,600 bulbs, 460 plumbing fixtures and 72 air conditioning systems. Additionally, staff manages the City's janitorial, window washing, elevator and building alarm maintenance contracts.

The following are some of the larger buildings maintained by the Facilities Maintenance Section:

  • City Hall - 58,826 square feet
  • Sheriff Station - 29,777 square feet
  • Library - 28,224 square feet
  • Public Works Yard - 22,736 square feet
  • Community Center - 21,174 square feet
  • Government Center Parking Structure - 144,261 square feet

In addition to building maintenance, staff manages the City's hazardous material recycling program, CNG refueling station, emergency generator permitting, and air quality regulation compliance. Staff also provides technical assistance during the development of new buildings and parks as well as managing numerous capital improvement projects each year.

Staff actively research and install new technologies to improve the energy efficiency of the City's buildings. Some examples of the technologies that the City is currently using include cool roofs, LED lighting and computer managed air conditioning systems. Future technologies that will be implemented include solar generation, centralized HVAC controls, expanded building automation systems, and permanent electricity load-shifting strategies.