Street Sweeping SignSignage

Street sweeping signs are posted to tell you when to expect street sweeping services.

So that residents are aware of their street sweeping day, signs have been posted at the entrance to each neighborhood in conformance with California Vehicle Code 22507.6.

Posting the signs at the entrance to each neighborhood, rather than on every street, minimizes sign pollution in the City.

The sign pictured on the right is an example of the signage posted at the entrance to each neighborhood. Street sweeping days vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Street Sweeping Schedule and Signage

Street sweeping days vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. To check your street sweeping schedule, you can:

  • Call the Public Works Department at 909-364-2800
  • Look for the sign posted at the entrance to your neighborhood
  • Check the Street Sweeping Schedule posted on this website to see street sweeping schedule and signage

Things to Know 

  • It is illegal to park your car on the street on your designated sweeping day between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Please note that certain circumstances may prevent us from sweeping your street thoroughly
  • On holidays and days of heavy rain, for example, we are unable to sweep the streets
  • In addition, sweeper operators must avoid large piles of debris that can hide heavy objects, which can damage the sweeper
  • Street sweepers are complex machines, subject to harsh conditions, and they do break down
  • When that happens, we will make every effort to get a replacement sweeper on the road to complete the route

If you suspect your street was missed, please call 909-364-2800.