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Request Tracker

The Request Tracker is a tool that can be used to report your concerns to the City of Chino Hills. This online service offers convenience and provides residents with 24/7 communication with the City of Chino Hills.

At this time we are currently accepting online Service Requests for:

  • Code Enforcement Issues – Use the Code Enforcement Request Form
  • Water, Street, Landscape, Tree or Graffiti Related Issues – Use the FixIT Form for Public Works
Special Note
If you have a "Street Light" issue, please contact Southern California Edison at 1 (800) 655-4555. You can also report a street light issue online by visiting the Southern California Edison Website.

Please do not use our online FixIT form to report a Southern California Edison street light issue.

Maintenance Concerns Not Yet Reportable Online
If you have a maintenance concern not yet reportable online, please contact Public Works at (909) 364-2800.

Code Enforcement Questions
For Code Enforcement questions or issues, call the Code Enforcement Hotline at (909) 364-2757.

Business Surveys 1 Forms
Code Enforcement 1 Forms
Service Requests 2 Forms