Municipal Code

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The Chino Hills Municipal Code represents the most current regulations adopted by the City. The document is a compilation of ordinances of the City. Following adoption by the City Council, ordinances of a general and permanent nature are codified into the Municipal Code. Codification is completed quarterly.

This Code guides how the City is governed and is updated as the City grows and changes. Ordinances that have been adopted, but have not yet been codified, are available by clicking on the following links: 

Ordinance No. 292 - An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Chino Hills, California, Amending Various Chapters of the Chino Hills Municipal Code to Update the Definition, Development Standards, References, and Permissible Zoning Districts for Religious Institutions and Public Assembly Uses and Finding Municipal Code Amendment 15MCA02 Exempt from Review Under the California Environmental Quality Act

Ordinance No. 381 - An Ordinance of the City of Chino Hills, Amending Chapter 1.14 and Adopting a New, Revised City Council Electoral District Map