Tree Trimming Resi-Pay Program

The Tree Trimming Resi-Pay Program allows residents to pay out-of-pocket for trimming City trees prior to the next scheduled trim. Trimming for leaf litter or for personal preference is not covered as standard City tree-trimming practice, but this program will allow for such trimming at the residents’ expense as long as the trimming will not adversely impact the health of the tree. See the restrictions at the bottom of this page.

It’s important to note that most trees located between the sidewalk and curb in the parkway or in the public right-of-way, are public trees and can only be trimmed by the City or a contractor hired by the City to do so. Trimming these trees on your own is illegal!  The City of Chino Hills has certified Arborists on staff.  Learn more about our Tree Maintenance & Preservation.

The City of Chino Hills has over 47,000 trees located throughout landscaped areas and many of these trees are in close proximity to homes. The City receives a very high volume of requests for tree trimming. Staff sought to establish a standard policy and comprehensive procedure for residents to pay to have city-owned trees, next to their homes, trimmed prior to their next scheduled trim.

Of course, any tree(s) deemed to be unsafe are trimmed or removed promptly regardless of this program. So please report any tree you think may be unsafe right away.  

How it Works

Residents interested in the program should call the Public Works Department at (909) 364-2800 to request an inspection and estimate of the specific tree(s) they are interested in having trimmed. If the tree is eligible; meaning it has not been trimmed in the last 12 months, it’s not already scheduled for the trimming, and it is the correct season to have the tree trimmed, City staff or the City-paid contractor will schedule an estimate for the trimming work. Since this program is new, the time-frame for receiving this estimate could vary depending on the number of requests and the availability of staffing. After the resident receives the estimate for the work, estimates paid within 60 calendar days will be scheduled for trimming within 30 calendar days. All estimates are based on the Master Schedule of Fees, Fines and Penalties and are based only on cost recovery for the service provided. 

To qualify for the program, a City Tree must not have been trimmed within the last 12 months and can only be trimmed in the correct season for that particular species. City Trees are generally trimmed in conformance with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Standards to enhance the health and integrity of the trees and for public safety. The City will not “top” trees, which is the act of removing all or the majority of leaves and branches from a tree’s crown, because Topping Hurts Trees. Note: This program is subject to availability. 

If you have questions about this program, whether or not a tree is a City tree, or if you have concerns about a tree needing to be trimmed for safety concerns, please do not hesitate calling the Public Works Department at (909) 364-2800 or emailing at