Emergency Preparedness

The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Program is to enhance the City's ability to respond to and recover from the effects of natural or man-made disasters; to administer the Federal and State Disaster Assistance Programs; and to serve as the liaison to these, and other agencies in San Bernardino County.

The Emergency Preparedness Program provides the following:

  • Emergency preparedness training and information to City staff
  • Coordinates a community informational campaign regarding preparedness
  • Chino Hills Auxiliary Radio Team (CHART)
  • Plans and implements disaster drills in conjunction with other agencies
  • Maintains Emergency Operations Center (EOC) preparedness
  • Maintains emergency shelter, food, water, and equipment supplies

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month 

During this month the City of Chino Hills focuses on readiness education and promoting family and community disaster planning. This nationwide coordinated effort is held each year to increase public awareness about the importance of preparing for emergencies and taking action.  During this month and throughout the year, we urge all residents to enhance their knowledge of the proper safety measures to follow before, during, and after an emergency.  Mayor Johsz and C Eddy receiving proclamation

Pictured:  Mayor Brian Johsz and Emergency Services Coordinator Christopher Eddy during the presentation of the Emergency Preparedness Month proclamation presentation.   

2021 Emergency Preparedness Workshop 

The City of Chino Hills hosted a free Emergency Preparedness Workshop on Thursday, September 16, 2021 to help residents learn preparedness for all hazards. . 

If you attended the event or missed it and want to access the many informational presentations, you can find them here.  Watch for the 2021 Emergency Preparedness Workshop video to be posted here in the next few weeks.  

Workshop Agenda (PDF)
The Great Shakeout (PDF)
Build An Emergency Kit (PDF)
Ready, Set, Go! (PDF)
Living with Sprinklers (PDF)
AB38- Selling Property in High or Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (PDF)
CHPD, Critical Incident- Active Shooter Response (PDF)
SCE Update, Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) (PDF)
Department of Public Health, Flu Season Preparedness (PDF)

2020 Emergency Preparedness Webinar 

In 2020, the same workshop was available to residents virtually.  Nearly 100 people registered for the event and took the time to learn about: 1) Emergency Communications; 2) the new Chino Valley Fire District's Community Connect App; 3) more about the CAISO Rotating Outages and the Public Safety Power Shutoffs than can occur during wildfire season; 4) How to choose a generator and safely expedite its use; 5) the Safe Return Program and Wildfire Evacuation in Carbon Canyon; 6) How to harden your home and protect your property, 7) the importance of having a Go Bag, and 8) the Department of Public Health was on hand to talk about the pandemic and flu season.  

In case you missed it, you can watch the video below. Useful links to the agenda and each PowerPoint presentation are also provided. 

Webinar Agenda (PDF)
1 Emergency Communications (PDF)
2 Introducing Community Connect (PDF)
3 SCE PSPS and CAISO Rotating Outages (PDF)
4 Generators - How to Choose One (PDF)
5 Safe Return and Wildfire Evacuation (PDF)
6 Wildfire Action Plan - Hardening Your Home (PDF)
7 Evacuation Go Bags (PDF)
8 Advanced Planning for Flu Season During a Pandemic (PDF)