Earthquakes can occur anywhere, at any time. Chino Hills is not in a coastal area, therefore tidal waves are not a concern. The greatest danger to the city is from falling debris. The safest place during an earthquake is outdoors, away from buildings and overhead wires.

 If inside: 

  • Don't run outside.
  • Stand in a doorway, get under heavy furniture, or sit or stand against an inside corner wall (basement is best). 
  • Turn off gas and power only if gas leaks or electrical damage is observed. 
  • Keep away from windows. 
  • Keep away from glass, tall shelves, chandeliers, or other heavy objects that may fall.
  • Don't use elevators.

If outdoors: 

  • Stay away from buildings, power lines, trees, chimneys, outside walls, and glass windows.
  •  If driving, park in an open area, away from buildings, bridges, or overpasses, and stay low in the car. 
  • If on or under elevated roadways, get away from that situation immediately, even if it means parking and abandoning your vehicle.

Immediately after the earthquake:

  •  Try to remain calm; panic can cause as many casualties as the emergency situation itself. 
  • Follow instructions from evacuation section monitors. 
  • Evacuate to reassembly areas if so instructed and prepare to support emergency response team members. 
  • After an earthquake, aftershocks may occur for several days.
  • STAY OUT of damaged areas unless requested to help! 
  • Don't drive unless necessary; keep streets clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Report broken gas or power lines, water mains, etc., immediately. 
  • Keep listening to the radio and/or television for instructions. 
  • Use the telephone only for assistance

If power is out:

Unplug all electrical equipment, stereo gear, TV sets, computers, audio-visuals and turn off light switches unless needed. 

When power returns, it may be in a surge and blow out light bulbs and other equipment.