Residential Fire

In the event of a fire is detected within any part of a facility, the following is recommended:

The person(s) discovering the fire should:   

  • Activate the fire alarm.
  • Shut doors and windows to confine the fire. 
  • Attempt to suppress the fire, if feasible.
  • Evacuate the area of the fire if necessary
  • .Always keep low! Smoke and gases collect near the ceiling first. 

Have a Fire Extinguisher

It is important to have a fire extinguisher in your home or commercial space as fires can occur anywhere at any time. Remember to inspect your fire extinguisher regularly and keep it in a location all who frequent the building are familiar with.

Fire Extinguisher Instructions:

  • P = PULL safety pin from handle. 
  • A = AIM (nozzle, cone, horn) at base of the fire. 
  • S = SQUEEZE the trigger handle. 
  • S = SWEEP from side-to-side, (watch for re-flash).

For larger fires, GET OUT, close doors, confine the fire as much as possible. 

If your clothing catches fire... STOP...DROP...ROLL

 If Trapped in a Room:

  • Place cloth material around/under the door to prevent smoke from entering.
  • Retreat - close as many doors as possible between you and the fire. 
  • Be prepared to signal from the window - but, DO NOT break glass unless absolutely necessary (outside smoke may be drawn in). 

If Caught in Smoke:

  • Drop to hands and knees and crawl; hold breath as much as possible; breathe shallowly through the nose and use blouse, shirt, jacket as a filter. 

If Forced to Advance Through Flames:

  • Hold your breath; move quickly; cover head/hair; keep head down and eyes closed as much as possible.