Healthy Hills

About Healthy Hills

The City of Chino Hills is proud to have been designated a California Healthy City. What are California Healthy Cities and Communities? Healthy Cities make efforts to engage their communities and promote healthy living. Healthy living efforts include economic, environmental, social, and physical issues.

The Chino Hills Healthy Hills program encourages residents to work together to keep our city clean, vital, diverse, and safe. Encouraging residents to engage in these efforts broadens community control and community participation. We also develop programs that support healthy lifestyles for our residents such as hiking days, tree planting events, and healthy recipe give-aways. We strive to provide opportunities for every family member to make a lasting difference and to improve the quality of life in Chino Hills using the following criteria:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Community Beautification
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Family Wellness

Our Mission

Healthy Hills supports programs and services that emphasize healthy minds, bodies, and spirits in order to promote a positive quality of life and develop a well-rounded community.


Week 13: Accountability

Smart Goals WorksheetWeek 12: Calisthenics

Week 11: Mental Fitness

Week 10: Staying Active

Week 9: Quick Workouts

Week 8: Dumbbell Bench Press

Week 7: Kid Friendly Exercises

Kid Friendly Exercises

Week 6: How to Squat

Week 5: Weight Training Volume

Week 4: Running

Week 3: Low Impact Exercise

Week 2: Push-ups

Week 1: Posture