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Emergency Alert
How to Access Emergency Alert Information

When the Emergency Alert is activated, it is visible on the top of each website page. See the sample below of the bar that will appear at the top of each website page WHEN an emergency alert is ACTIVATED. 

Icon of Top of Page Emergency Alert Sample
Example: of the Emergency Alert Icon Bar

When activated, simply click on the “Emergency Alert” icon and find out more about the emergency situation.  

What the "Emergency Alert" Color Means
When the “Emergency Alert” icon is in green on the home page, and no red flashing alert is visible on the top of each website page, then there are NO emergency conditions/road closures at this time in the City of Chino Hills. 

Grren Emergency Alert Icon

Flashing RED Emergency Alert Light
The Red Emergency Alert light will FLASH during an actual emergency! When the “Emergency Alert” light is FLASHING RED on the top of each page, an Emergency Condition/Road Closure exists in the City of Chino Hills.

Our City-wide Emergency Alerts will be posted in the following locations: 
  • On this website at www.chinohills.org/EmergencyAlert
  • On the Emergency Conditions Road Closure Hotline at (909) 364-2828

In the event of an extended major city-wide emergency, additional information may be found on:

  • On City TV Channel 3 on Spectrum Cable TV
  • On City TV Channel 41 on Frontier Cable TV  

Please note that the TV channels cannot be updated remotely.  
Emergency Condition/Road Closure E-Notifications
E-notifications will be sent to all subscribers. This is just one more way that the City of Chino Hills keeps you informed! You can sign up for Emergency Alerts, Police Alerts, and Major Road Closures.  Sign up for Alert Center E-notifications