Now that the drought is over in California will my water rates go down?

No, the cost of providing the service and maintaining the infrastructure to deliver your water is the basis for your rates. As a public water provider, the City of Chino Hills can only charge its customers for the costs associated with providing water service. The cost to operate a water system includes the fixed costs for items that must be in place whether water use is up or down, and whether we are in a drought or not.  In other words, customers are charged for the maintenance of the system in place that provides them with the ability to have water delivered to their property on demand, whether or not they actually use any water in any given month. Fixed costs include items such as maintenance of pipes in the ground, repairs and replacement, personnel costs, insurance, and maintenance of water storage reservoirs and water treatment facilities to ensure that the water is of high quality and meets State and Federal standards.

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2. Now that the drought is over in California will my water rates go down?
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