How do I drain my swimming pool?
The first choice for draining swimming pool water should be to drain pool water into the sanitary sewer. In-ground pools typically have a sanitary sewer drainage inlet near the pool equipment. Pools and spas not plumbed with a sanitary sewer drainage inlet can be drained to a sanitary sewer line plumbed to the home. Consult a licensed plumber or pool professional if you are unsure how to go about draining your pool.

If certain criteria are met, pools can be drained into the street gutter or storm drain. The water needs to be dechlorinated. Use a home pool test kit to confirm that chlorine residual levels do not exceed 0.1 ppm and that the pH level is between 6.5 and 8.5.

Pool drainage water can be used to irrigate hearty plants, to saturate dry ground, or to soak down rocked or mulched areas. Be sure to regulate the rate of discharge so that it does not cause problems such as erosion, flooding, or overburden the downstream drainage facility.

For further information contact the City’s Environmental Program Coordinator at (909) 364-2835.

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1. How do I drain my swimming pool?
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