About the Youth Accountability Board

The Youth Accountability Board (YAB) Volunteer program is a positive option available to first-time, nonviolent juvenile offenders and their families. It is comprised of citizen volunteers working as a team. Youth Accountability Board volunteers interview low-risk, first time juvenile offenders and their parents/guardians to determine a constructive accountability plan for the juvenile and family.

This could include:

  • Community service work
  • Skills-building classes
  • Improved school attendance/performance
  • Counseling

The goal is to help the youth develop personal responsibility for his/her actions, and re-establish a sense of community values.


The Youth Accountability Board program is a County of San Bernardino Probation Department diversion program. The requirements are set by the County. The City of Chino Hills facilitates the program for the County for youth that live in Chino Hills.

Prospective volunteers must:

  • Be 21 years of age
  • Complete a County Volunteers in Probation (PDF) application
  • Be fingerprinted
  • Pass a Department of Justice Background Check
  • Attend an orientation training

Approved volunteers are then placed on the Chino Hills Youth Accountability Board panel and roster. Volunteers are contacted when a panel hearing is scheduled.