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Before signing a lease agreement, or purchasing property, contact the Planning Division to ensure your business use is permitted at the desired location.

A Business License is required of all entities engaging in business within the Chino Hills city limits, including home administrative offices, temporary activities and companies physically located outside of Chino Hills which conduct business activities within Chino Hills city limits. 

The Community Development Department - Planning Division is the reviewing department for Business License applications. Please call (909) 364-2740 for more detailed information.

Fees are due at time of application submission. Applications received without payment will not be processed. Click here to schedule an appointment to submit your application and payment.  

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Chino Hills Business License Application

Commercial or Storefront businesses are reviewed for compliance with City zoning regulations. Based on the business type, additional Planning review may be required. For questions about Zoning, or to see if your business can locate in a particular area, contact Planning.

Home-based businesses are required to obtain a business license and a Home Occupation Permit even if the primary business activity occurs outside of the home or the business is strictly internet based. Businesses related to food are limited to the State approved Cottage Food list and may require review and approval by San Bernardino County Department of Environmental Health in addition to the City. Further information can be found in Chino Hills Municipal Code Chapter 16.56 Home Occupation Permits.

Senate Bill 205 compliance. Senate Bill 205 (SB 205) is a new California State law (effective January 1, 2020), which addresses the issues of stormwater pollution that remain unregulated by California’s clean water laws.  SB 205, requires a business or person applying to the City for a new/initial business license or a renewal business license with a regulated Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code, processes and/or activities that have the potential to pollute stormwater, to demonstrate compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater Industrial General Permit (IGP). Click (here) for additional information.

Business License Fee$  16.20
State Disability Access Fee$    4.00
City Processing Fee (does not apply for license renewals via mail or online)$  86.00
TOTAL BUSINESS LICENSE FEES (Commercial & Residential Locations) $106.20
HOME OCCUPATION PERMIT FEE (Residential Locations Only) $103.00
LAND USE CLEARANCE FEE (Commercial Locations Only)$156.00
CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY FEE (Commercial Locations with no T.I. Only)$130.00

Exemptions for Veterans and Non-Profit Organizations

Veterans selling tangible goods and Non-Profit Organizations are exempt from paying the Business License and City Processing fees. Other fees may still apply. Non-Profit businesses shall provide documentation proving exempt status. Veterans exemption form is required at time of submittal. 

OUT-OF-CITY Businesses

All businesses located outside of the City of Chino Hills are required to obtain a business license if they have business activity in the City. To request a Business License, please call HdL at (909) 740-3187. See table below for fees. 

Fee Type
Business License Fee
State Disability Access Fee
$  4.00

*An $86 processing fee will be added to Out-of-City business license applications that are processed at the City of Chino Hills.

Business license certificates are sent via email once all necessary steps have been completed. If you need a duplicate certificate, please call HdL at (909) 740-3187.

Business License Renewals

Business license renewals can be completed online or by phone.  Please refer to the business license renewal notice for pin information.  If you need a duplicate renewal form, please call HdL at (909) 740-3187.

You may also call HdL at (909) 740-3187 to renew by phone.

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