Sales Tax Information

"Shop Chino Hills, First" and Help Fund City Services!

It costs money to provide the services that Chino Hills residents expect! Sales tax revenue is a significant source of funds that is used to pay for services provided by the City of Chino Hills.

Sales Tax Rate

The sales tax rate in our area is 7.75% and 1% of that amount is returned to the City and is used to pay for services.

Spending in the Community

If we spend our hard-earned dollars in our own community whenever we possibly can – it helps Chino Hills pay for services! Every dollar spent in another community helps that community pay for a police officer or fill a pothole. Money spent in our own community helps our businesses and restaurants thrive, and pay for the services everyone expects.

When you buy gasoline and restaurant meals in Chino Hills that helps our City in the same way! We receive sales tax on gasoline purchases and a share of the State gas tax, which we can use to improve our roads. If our 21,000 households drive about 30,000 cars that need a tank of gas each week – at $2 a gallon for a 25-gallon tank – we would have generated about $47,000 in sales tax revenue.

Support Our Local Businesses

Do not forget to support our local restaurants, too! Many restaurants in Chino Hills are owned by people who live in our City. Many families enjoy dinner at a restaurant about once each week.

If families from the 21,000 households in Chino Hills enjoyed a $50 dinner at a Chino Hills restaurant once each week, the 1% sales tax returned to the City would amount to just over $42,000.

Annual Revenue Goal

Those two figures combined would provide just about enough revenue to fund the nearly $106,000 in annual salary and benefits for one Sheriff's Deputy to patrol our streets.

Shopping in our retail stores, eating in our restaurants, and using professional services in the City – it all adds up to support for our community, our businesses, and our City services.