Hydrogen (H2) Fuel Facility

Project Overview

The applicant proposes to install a new Hydrogen (H2) fuel facility within the Circle K and 76 service station. The H2 fuel facility would be situated on the north side of the site and would abut a landscape planter/drive thru lane for Taco Bell. The H2 fuel facility would consists of two (2) fuel dispensers inside an enclosure with a canopy and block wall, above ground storage and compression equipment, electric controls/switchgear, underground piping, and a security enclosure.  An existing above ground propane tank would be relocated from the rear (eastern) property line to the parking area on the north side of the Circle K.  In addition, a light standard and four (4) standard parking stalls would be removed from the site to accommodate fuel delivery and access to the fuel storage enclosure.

The H2 fueling facility would be used by light duty passenger vehicles. According to the applicant, the operation of an H2 fuel pump would be very similar to filling a traditional fueled vehicle. Pull up to the pump, connect, allow the dispenser and vehicle to communicate and handle the fuel transfer, then disconnect when complete.  


Ben Steckler, Fiedler Group

Email: ben.steckler@fiedlergroup.com

Ph: 213-381-3243

Project Status

The City is currently reviewing the Site Plan Review 22SPR02, Conditional Use Permit 22CUP01, and Conditional Permit 04CUP06 Amendment No. 1 for the proposed Hydrogen (H2) fuel facility at the existing 76 gas station.

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