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Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Its Purpose                                                                     

The City of Chino Hills is beginning the process of updating our Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP). The purpose of the update and the LHMP is to:
  • Be compliant with FEMA requirements
  • To identify the City's natural, environmental, and man-made hazards 
  • Develop a risk assessment and mitigation plan for those hazards
  • Improve emergency management during an event
  • Identify projects that could potentially reduce risks in the community

The City's Hazard Mitigation Plan must be updated every five years to ensure that the City properly assesses the probability of various types of natural and man-made hazards and their impacts to the community in order to maintain eligibility for State and Federal Grant funding.  With a plan in place, City staff can continue to prioritize projects and the City will continue to be eligible to obtain FEMA Mitigation Grant Funds if a disaster is declared.

How Can You Get Involved?

As always we are seeking the community's help and input during the local HMP process.  If you have disaster-related stories and/or photographs that you would like to share, or you have comments or other information pertaining to natural hazard mitigation and the planning process please contact the Community Relations Division at (909) 364-2713.
Any information or feedback that you can provide is both helpful and appreciated!


Photo of San Andreas Fault
     San Andreas Fault

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Help our community by completing an important survey that will be used for the HMP 2017 update at the link below.

Deadline for survey submittals is February 28th
Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Survey