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Listed below are the most common permits required by the City of Chino Hills.  This page is provided for informational assistance only, and is not meant to be a complete list of all permits available.  If you are still unsure if you need a permit or which permit application(s) are required for your project or have any additional questions, please contact the Community Development Department at (909) 364-2740.  


 When do I need this permit?


For temporary advertising of business openings or special events 


Required to do any type of construction in the City, both Commercial & Residential


Applies to work in the public right-of-way


Required for video and still photography when filming activity takes place on City property including parks, and various City facilities, and in the public right-of-way such as on City streets, sidewalks, and in the open space

Garage Sale  Required for garage, yard, and rummage sales within the City of Chino Hills
Home Occupation  Shall apply to all business uses of a single-family or multi-family residence and to all home occupations
RV Parking  Required in order to temporarily park an RV vehicle or trailer on any street within Chino Hills
Special Event  For temporary use of property for special events (i.e. fairs, carnivals, religious, pageants, etc)
Stormwater Coverage  Required for businesses engaged in industrial processes that have a potential to pollute storm water to obtain permit coverage under the California General Industrial Storm Water Permit 
Temporary School Parking  Required in order to park a vehicle on residential streets near Chino Hills High School and Litel Elementary School
Temporary Single Exhibition Event Sign Required for any sign placed in conjunction with a Temporary Single Exhibition Event, including, without limitation, events such as real estate open house, holiday open house or similar activity.

Wide Load 

Oversize and overweight loads are only permitted on major arterials and major highways within the City of Chino Hills and require this permit

*NOTE: Applications can change at anytime without notice*