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Volunteer Opportunities
Community Services

Ph: (909) 364-2730
Fax: (909) 364-2725
Become a City Volunteer

The City of Chino Hills Volunteer Service Program, implemented in 1993, helps improve the level of service provided to the Chino Hills Residents. Volunteers are a tremendous asset to the community. As a citizen volunteer, you can make a valuable contribution to the quality of life in Chino Hills. Please consider becoming a city volunteer. 

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer positions are available in all City Departments. Every effort is made to match you with the volunteer position that you have requested. Volunteer positions vary in availability and are not always immediately available. Through an informal interview with City staff, prospective volunteers can be matched to assignments within a wide range of volunteer opportunities and job descriptions. 

Volunteer Programs and Activities
  • Plan Community Events
  • Answer Telephones
  • Direct Citizen Inquiries
  • Perform Clerical Duties 

New Electronic Volunteer Application Form

You may submit an application electronically by completed the online Volunteer Application. Mail, fax, or drop off your completed application to the Community Services office at City Hall, 14000 City Center Drive. 

Report Volunteer Hours
If you have a Park, Trail, or Roadway adoption report your hours here

Making a Difference
In 2018, there was 120 volunteers, who donated 2,800 hours. It is estimated that their contributions saved the city $65,000. Volunteers are recognized for their valuable contribution to the city at the annual volunteer dinner during National Volunteer Week.