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Commercial & Non-Residential
You will find all applications used by our department for any commercial (non-residential) purposes. If you are unsure of which application you need please contact the Community Development Department at (909) 364-2740.

Application / Information / Requirements When do I Need This Application?
Appeal Information and Application  To appeal a land use decision made by a reviewing authority other than the City Council.
Building Permit Application   Required to do any type of construction in the City.
Building Permit Authorization (Precise Grade: Commercial & Multi-Family Residential Development) Application  When submitting precise grading plans / on-site utility plans for a commercial or multifamily development.
Building Permit Authorization (Precise Grade: Residential Single Lot Development) Application  When submitting precise grading plans / on-site utility plans for a residential single lot development.
Building Permit Authorization (Precise Grade:
Tract Development) Application
To verify design standards and conditions of approval for approved projects prior to any permits issued.
Certificate of Occupancy (No TI Planned)  Required before you can occupy your business space and open for business.
Certificate of Occupancy Application (Temporary)  To open only for training, stocking, and release of utilities prior to building permit final.
Conditional Use Permit Information  Required for construction, alteration, or expansion of every use that is allowed within a land use district: subject to a conditional use permit.
Conditional Use Permit for Wireless Communication Facilities Required for major wireless communication facilities, major modifications to an existing wireless communications facility, collocation that is a substantial change to an existing wireless communications facility, or a wireless communications facility located within a residential zone. 
Equestrian and Large Animal Permit Application & Procedures Required for any equestrian and large animal keeping uses or businesses with the Equestrian Large Animal Overlay District.
Erosion Control Information   Installation, inspection, and approval for construction of soils erosion / sediment control plans.
Extension of Time Information and Application  To request an extension of time of a conditional approval of a project. 
Foundation and Slab Design Requirements  For additions and minor structures.
General Plan and Development Code Amendments Information  Required for changes to the general plan, development code, or zoning map.
Grading Inspection Report   Required for any grading.
Grading Information  Guidelines for grading.
Grease Interceptor Requirements
Required for all food services establishments.
Grease Interceptor Waiver Request Applications
To waive the Grease Interceptor requirement.
Geotechnical Report Information   Guidelines for preparation of geotechnical reports.
Landscape Plan Check Information and Application  Required to verify compliance of design standards and conditions of approval for approved projects.
Land Use Application Questionnaire  Used for all but minor land use applications; "Environmental Study Guidelines" are referenced in the application.
Massage Clinic  To open a massage clinic in the City.
Massage Technician  To obtain a license to work as a masseuse.
Major Variance  A procedure to provide relief from zoning provisions when special circumstances applicable to property deprives such property of privileges enjoyed by other properties in the vicinity with the same zoning designations.
Off-Site Grading Letter Information Required when developer needs to work outside of his property, but in conjunction with his project.
Recycled Water Services Information  Required for construction of all recycled water lines.
Pre-Grading Meeting Information  Explains the purpose and process of a pregrading meeting.
Permanent Sign Information and Application  Explains procedures and submittal requirements.
Plan Check Contact List Information  List of important phone numbers frequently used during the plan check process.
Plan Preparation / Signature on Plans Information  Explains how to prepare plans for submittal and required signatures.
Planned Development Information  Process to establish greater flexibility and design for more efficient use of land and provides detailed planning and design of land use guidelines and standards.
Pre-Application Conference Information  To request a meeting with staff to discuss a project prior to formal application submittal.
Site Development Permit Information and Application  Provides an administrative review and approval of detailed plans for proposed uses which have a relatively low potential for adverse impact on the subject site or the surrounding community due to the nature of magnitude of the site.
Site Development Permit Application for Wireless Communications Facilities Required for minor facilities, minor modifications to an existing facility, collocations that do not substantially change an existing wireless communications facility, removal of transmission equipment, or replacement of transmission equipment.
Site Plan Review Submittal Information  Required for construction, alteration, or expansion of land uses that are permitted within a zoning district; subject to approved site plan.
Special Events Information and Application  For temporary use property for special events (i.e. fairs, carnivals, religious, pageants, etc.)
Sub-Contractors List Information  Must be completed prior to certificate of occupancy / building final.
Soils and Geology Review Information and Application  Explains procedure and submittal requirements.
Temporary Shade Structures Information  Provides details about limitations and standards.
Temporary Use Permit Information and Application (General)  To allow certain uses to operate in the City for a defined period of time.
Temporary Use Permit Information and Application (Construction Office / Security Office)  To obtain a setdown permit for temporary construction or security office.
Temporary Use Permit Information and Application (Model Home / Sales Office / Design Center / Sales Trailer and Temporary Signs)  For temporary use of residential unites within recorded subdivisions as sales offices an d/ or model homes, sales trailer and temporary signs; also to permit temporary advertising structure.
Temporary Use / Special Event Permit Information and Application (Banners / Flags)  For temporary advertising of business openings, promotional items, or special events.
Tentative Parcel Map (Minor Subdivision) Application and Information  Required for subdivision of four or less parcels.
Tenant Improvement Application and Checklist   Required for any interior improvements to commercial space.
Tree and Plant Removal Information and Application 

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Pruning Standards
Requirements for tree and riparian plant removal.

Tree Pruning Standards
Zoning Verification Request Application  To request a letter verifying zoning for a specific Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)