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Residential Development
Country Club Villas
Project Information

  • Description: A 70-unit condominium development
  • Location: On Pomona Rincon Road between Wallace Avenue & Los Serranos Road        
  • Status: Phase 1 Completed; Phase 2 Under Construction; Phase 3 Building Plans Under Review

Founders Village

Project Information

  • Description: Duplex Residential Development
  • Location: 2100 Founders Drive (former site of the Chino Hills Civic Center)
  • Developer/Applicant: Trumark Homes
  • Status: Under Construction - Models Open

Hidden Oaks Country Club
Project Information

  • Description: Single family residences
  • Location: The project is located southeast of Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills.   
  • Developer: Hidden Oaks Country Club, LLC
  • Status: The City held two (2) scoping meetings to obtain input for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for the Hidden Oaks Project on September 23, 2015.  Preparation of the Draft EIR is ongoing.

Hillcrest (aka Canyon Hills)
Project Information

  • Description: Hillcrest is an approved development of 76 single-family detached homes on a 141-acre property; approximately 104 acres of the project site is reserved for open space
  • Location: On the concrete ski-slope on the west side of Canyon Hills Road and north of Carbon Canyon Road
  • Developer:  Woodbridge Pacific Group LLC   
  • Status: The Models (9-14) are open to the public.  Phases 1 - 4 have completed construction, and Phase 5 is currently under construction.   

Lago Los Serranos
Project Information

  • Description: A 95-unit town home development on an 8.06 acre parcel
  • Location: At the southwest corner of Ramona Avenue and Birdfarm Road
  • Developer: JTECC, LLC
  • Status: Under construction 

Morningfield Estates
Project Information

  • Description: Single Family Residences
  • Location: Morningfield Drive and Elkwood Circle
  • Developer/Applicant: David Maldonado
  • Status: Project entitlement was approved by Planning Commission on May 16, 2017.  Post-entitlement review and processing for grading, landscaping and building permit for the single family homes have yet to start.  

Stonefield  Development
Project Information

  • Description: Proposing Tentative Tract Map 18393 and Design Review 335 for a gated, 28-unit single- family residential development
  • Location: At Fairway Drive and Carbon Canyon Road, across from the Western Hills Country Club        
  • Status: Final Map recorded for Phase 1.

Vila Borba
Project Information   
  • Description: Single family and multifamily residences   
  • Location: West and east of Butterfield Ranch Road, near Pine Avenue
  • Developer: Lennar - Inland Empire, Craig Moraes
  • Status: Lennar is currently developing Tract 15989 (Planning Area 1) and a total of 136 building permits have been issued; there will be a total of 183 single-family homes.  Rough grading is currently underway for Tract 16338 (Planning Area 2) which will be developed with 149 homes.  Rough grading is pending review for Tract 16413 (Planning Area 3) which will be developed with 19 homes.  A Specific Plan has been submitted for Tract 16414 which would eliminate the approved 5 acres of commercial component and 280 multifamily residential units.  This proposal includes development of 68 row townhomes and 94 detached condominiums and two recreational areas.