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Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project - Safety Concerns in Chino Hills
The Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP) is a Southern California Edison (SCE) project to bring wind power to the Southern California region. As a part of the TRTP, Edison is proposing a transmission route through densely populated neighborhoods in the City of Chino Hills.

Dangerous and Unprecedented Proposal
There is no other example in the nation that has a 500kV line in a seismically active densely residential community like the one proposed by SCE. The closest example is in Georgia where residents purchased property after the line was built and it does not have any known susceptibility to earthquakes or landslides. Also, there are approximately 200 houses there rather than more than 1000.

Vicinity of 7 Active Fault Lines
There are seven active faults within the vicinity of Chino Hills: Whittier, Elsinore, Chino, Central Avenue, San Jose, Sierra Madre and Cucamonga.  The most recent earthquake (5.4 on the Richter scale) was in July 2008.

Susceptible to Landslides
A portion of the SCE proposed route through Chino Hills is susceptible to landslides, and about a quarter of the area identified as “most susceptible.”

“Most susceptible” is defined as being unstable and subject to failure even in the absence of activities by man.

High Potential For Liquefaction
A portion of the SCE proposed route crosses through areas with a moderate to
high potential for liquefaction.

Potential For Transmission Tower Collapse
There were two recent incidents where SCE transmission towers collapsed:
  • Jan 1994: Collapse of 18 towers during the Northridge earthquake
  • July 2006: Collapse of 500kV Palo Verde-Devers SCE transmission towers due to high winds (80 mph). 

Increased Risk for Angled Towers to Fall Into Backyards

  • There is a significant angle point along the proposed route through densely populated residential areas of Chino Hills (along the existing right of way where it crosses Peyton Road).
  • Potential impact of a tower collapse is greater when towers are located at an angle because the high tension in the lines can pull debris from the collapsed towers towards the inside of the angle.
  • This risk increases the higher the height of the towers because there is more distance to fall thus increasing the arc of where the lines pull out well into the backyards of several homes.

Safety & Health Risks to Children
The SCE proposed route would be as close as 50 feet to some homes. Over 1,000 homes with more than 3,000 residents – many of which include children – will be forced to live right within 500 feet of these lines. All of the neighborhoods, parks, schools, will, even by SCE’s own admission, experience significant immitigable impact. Parents are frightened of the possible health risks associated with massive highly-charged lines.

According to a Professor who wrote the text book on electric transmission engineering, if one of these 500kV lines were to fall into a family’s backyard, it would instantly kill anyone it touches and immediately start a fire if it landed on a home.

Nearly 500 Children Attend School or Day Care Next to the Proposed Route
  • Loving Savior of the Hills, Lutheran Church & School
  • Good Earth Montessori School & Day Care
  • KinderCare Learning Center
  • Sunshine Montessori
  • Montessori School of Chino Hills

 Harm to the Environment

  • The SCE proposal will traverse the City’s protected ridgeline.