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State of the City
2017 State of the City Address

On Thursday, June 1, 2017 the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted the Annual State of the City Address.  “Once a Dream, Propelled by Passion, Continuing the Vision” was the theme for Mayor Ray Marquez’ 2017 State of the City Address.  The event was held at the Chino Hills Community Center, and began with a one-hour reception.  Mayor Marquez presented his address and annual video.  The production explored the dreams of the cityhood effort, the passion of people who make a difference, and the vision that continues to define the quality of life in Chino Hills.  Watch the entire video below or watch the following specific segments only:  Once A Dream Historic Early Leaders Segment with Doug Sparkes and Gary G. Larson; Propelled By Passion Non-Profit Organizations Segment (The Let It Be Foundation, Priceless Pets, Red Bucket Equine Rescue, and Caring For The Hills); Continuing The Vision Segment with the Chino Hills City Council.