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Grazing Program
Public Works Department
14000 City Center Drive
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Ph: (909) 364-2800
Fax: (909) 364-2895


6:45 am - 4:45 pm Monday - Thursday
6:45 am - 3:45 pm Friday
Program Overview
The City utilizes both community service workers and sheep to remove the weeds on slopes adjacent to homes. This combination creates a significant cost savings in the weed abatement program.

City Partner's With Sheriff's Department
The City partners with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Glen Helen Regional Correction Center by participating in the work release program, using community service workers for weed abatement. The labor provided is free to the City. The City works closely with Glen Helen staff during weed abatement season to schedule the community service workers for this important task.

Putting Sheep To Work
Several years ago, Chino Hills enhanced the weed abatement program by grazing sheep in the public open space. The Sheep owner brings nearly 1,000 sheep every year to graze in areas where the terrain is very steep and difficult for City crews to work. The sheep arrive in December and graze the tall weeds until mid-April. The sheepherder and herding dogs tend the sheep 24 hours a day. In the evening, the sheep are housed in an open pen, protected by the sheep dogs. The sheepherder resides in a small trailer on site.  
Lots of hungry sheep!These natural lawn mowers protect our community with their big appetites!