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Emergency Responders
Emergency Services Coordinator

Ph: (909) 364-2713
Fax: (909) 364-2725
Are You A Resident Who Can Assist In A Disaster?

Are you are a Chino Hills resident, who also happens to be an emergency-trained active or retired government employee, or a ham radio operator that may come forward to help during a disaster.  If so, please complete the Emergency Responder Questionnaire. The City would like to develop an estimate of how many residents have emergency response skills or SEMS training to get an idea of how many trained government/agency employees or retirees may be able to step into our emergency response efforts.

Emergency Responder Questionnaire
This questionnaire is intended for active or retired government employees or residents with specific professions needed during an emergency. Please return this questionnaire to Chino Hills City Hall with your utility bill or mail it to the City of Chino Hills, Neighborhood Services Division, 14000 City Center Drive, Chino Hills, CA 91709.