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Business Licenses
A Business License is required of all store front and in-home businesses operating within the Chino Hills City limits, including temporary activities and contractors with offices located outside of the City.

A Home Occupation Permit is also required if the business is conducted from your home in Chino Hills. 

Fee Schedule 
The City Business License fee is $20.00 for one year and can be renewed annually for $18.00. These fees include a $4.00 Disability Access Fee (AB1379)

For a Chino Hills store front business, there is an additional $77.00 Zoning Clearance fee.

The Home Occupation Permit is
a one-time fee of $91.00 as long
as the business license is renewed annually prior to the expiration date and the business is still operating at the same home location.

The Business License fee may be waived for honorably discharged veterans who engage in sales (not services), except for alcoholic beverages. The Veteran's Exemption form must be submitted with the Business License application.
Business License Application
Home Occupation Permit
Veteran's Exemption Form


Lady standing at the front door of a business.

Business License Renewal Online 
Business license renewals can be 
done online. Click the link below to
renew your business license and make
your payment.       

Business License Renewal Online
Newly Licensed Businesses

The Monthly New Business License
Report provides the business name,
owner's name, and business phone
number of any business that applied
for a Business License within a given
month.  The report will be updated
the first week of each month for the
previous month's activity.
Monthly New Business License Report
Previous New Business License Reports
Any additional information regarding
a business license can be obtained
by calling the Community Development
Department at (909)364-2740.