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Adopt a Park, Roadway, or Trail
About Adoption Programs

Community Services Department

Ph: (909) 364-2700
Fax: (909) 364-2725
Parks, Roadways, and Trails: individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses may adopt a pre-designated length of roadway to provide graffiti removal and litter abatement services, or may adopt a segment of trail or a park for planting and maintenance purposes.

The Adoption program offers participants recognition through road, park or trail identification signs, and the City provides administrative support, safety equipment and training for program participants. 

Adoption Program Participants

Adoption Program Participants are committed to:
  • Regularly surveying their adopted park, roadway, or trail to ensure that it is clean
  • Making a minimum of a one year commitment to the program
  • Notifying the City of any special conditions or any work that they cannot complete on their roadway, park, or trail

Interested in Volunteering?

  • Fax, mail, or bring your completed application to the Community Services Department at Chino Hills City Hall, 14000 City Center Drive.
  • You may now also submit an online application.