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Contact Information
Finance Department

14000 City Center Dr.
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Ph: (909) 364-2640  

Monday - Thursday
7:30 am to 5:30 pm
7:30 am to 4:30 pm 
About Purchasing and its Primary Activities
  • Provides procurement services to all City Departments.
  • Maintains a Vendor List.
  • Disposal of surplus property.
  • Prepares Formal and Informal Bids and Requests for Proposal, except for Public Works contracts.

What We Buy
The Purchasing Division of the Finance Department purchases equipment, supplies, and services as required by the various departments of the City, including the purchases of vehicles, asphalt, street lights, water pipe and meters, public safety equipment, housekeeping equipment and supplies, parks and recreation items, landscaping trees and shrubs and in general, all equipment and supplies used in the City. We do not procure for the Chino Valley Unified School district, or other independent governmental agencies.

Photograph of two men shaking handsHow We Buy
Our objective is to purchase materials, supplies, and services that are in the best interest of the City and the tax-paying public while maintaining good supplier and community relations. Competitive prices are solicited, and awards are made to the lowest and most responsible bidder. In addition to price, the “lowest responsible bidder” is determined by the following:
  • The quality, availability and suitability of the supplies, equipment or service to the use required.
  • The ability, capacity and skill of the bidder to perform the service required.
  • Whether the bidder has financial resources and facilities to perform or provide the service/goods within the time specified without delay or interference.
  • Character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency of the bidder.
  • The bidder’s performance record for previous contracts or services.
  • The ability of the bidder to provide future maintenance and service for the use of the equipment or materials to be purchased.

Vendor List
The Purchasing Division maintains a “Vendor List” for commodities and services that are regularly purchased by the City. Suppliers who are on the City’s Vendor List have a greater assurance of being notified of the City’s needs. To be placed on our vendor list, simply fill out and return to Purchasing, the Vendor Application form.

In addition, all invoices paid by the City of Chino Hills must be accompanied by a W-9 Taxpayer Identification form. You can download a W-9 in Acrobat format here.