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Financial Statements
Monthly Financial Report
The Monthly Financial Report presents comparative information for the current fiscal year as well as the prior fiscal year.  It reports the original budget, the revised budget, which includes any approved changes made during the fiscal year, and a proration of the reviewed budget presentation columns, the year-to-date actual expenditures for the fiscal year are reported and the dollar and percentage amounts that the year-to-date actual expenditures varied from the pro-rated (year-to-date) revised budget. 

Monthly Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer's Report shows the market value of investments the City has in the various pooled investment accounts.  The investment pools provide the market valuation information for the total pool and City staff then calculates and reports the City's pro rata share of the market valuation amount.

The market value may show unrealized gains or losses for the pooled investments.  This does not mean that the pool has actually gained or lost any money on these transactions, it just shows what would have occurred if the pool had redeemed any of the investments as of the date of the report.  Typically, the pools may not actually earn any gains nor suffer any losses, since the pools hold the investments to their maturity dates.