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Financial Reports
Monthly Financial Report
The Monthly Financial Report presents comparative information for the current fiscal year as well as the prior fiscal year.  It reports the original budget, the revised budget, which includes any approved changes made during the fiscal year, and a proration of the reviewed budget presentation columns, the year-to-date actual expenditures for the fiscal year are reported and the dollar and percentage amounts that the year-to-date actual expenditures varied from the pro-rated (year-to-date) revised budget.  
Monthly Financial Report 

Monthly Investment Report
The Monthly Investment Report shows the market value of investments the City has in the various pooled investment accounts.  The investment pools provide the market valuation information for the total pool and City staff then calculates and reports the City's pro rata share of the market valuation amount.

The market value may show unrealized gains or losses for the pooled investments.  This does not mean that the pool has actually gained or lost any money on these transactions, it just shows what would have occurred if the pool had redeemed any of the investments as of the date of the report.  Typically, the pools may not actually earn any gains nor suffer any losses, since the pools hold the investments to their maturity dates.
Monthly Investment Report
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) 
The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is an annual report that provides detailed information about the financial condition and performance of the City for each fiscal year ending June 30th.  This report is reviewed by independent auditors to assure the City presents fairly its financial position. 
CAFR - Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2018  

Development Impact Fee Annual Financial Report
The Development Impact Fee Annual Financial Report is a requirement based on Government Code Section 66006(b), to disclose information regarding receipts and uses of the related development impact fee funds during the fiscal year. This report is to be made available to the public within 180 days after the fiscal year end. 
Development Impact Fee Annual Financial Report Fiscal Year 2017-2018
Master Schedule of Fees
The Master Schedule of Fees contains the fees for most City services.  Our goal is to provide a "one-stop" reference tool and a consistent source of information on charges and fees currently assessed by the City.  Most of the fees are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they continue to reflect the actual costs the City incurs for providing services.
Master Schedule of Fees, Fines & Penalties

State Controller's Report
Per Government Code Section 53891(a), the State Controller's Report is an annual requirement and it is due within seven months after the close of the fiscal year.  The report contains underlying data from the audited financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
State Controller's Report - Fiscal Year 2017-2018