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Rancho Cielito Development
Project Overview
Kim Zuppiger

Community Development Department
14000 City Center Dr.
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Ph: (909) 364-2761
Fax: (909) 364-2795

Rolling Ridge Ranch (Project Applicant) proposes to build a privately gated multi-family apartment project in the City of Chino Hills to be known as Rancho Cielito. The project site is located on 48.37 acres (29.50 acres of dry and 18.87 acres of water surface area that make up Lake Los Serranos). The Project site is generally located north of Los Serranos Blvd/Valle Vista Drive and south of the Lake Los Serranos Club. The Project proposes 354 dwelling units and associated features and facilities including two clubhouses, leasing/management office, three active recreation areas, passive open spaces, trails, maintenance garage, and associated infrastructure. The following applications are associated with the project:
Tentative Parcel Map No. 4615 is requested to create 3 parcels as follows:
• Parcel 1 - approx. 13.296 acres (East Village 166 apartments)
• Parcel 2 - approx.13.374 acres (West Village 188 apartments)
• Parcel 3 - approx. 1.051 acres (Los Serranos Club Office and residence)
• Lake Parcel - approx. 20.74 acres (Lake Los Serranos would be included as part of the Rancho Cielito apartment complex project).

Site Plan Review No.17SPR02 is a request for construction of 354 medium density residential apartment units (7 two-story and 7 three-story residential carriage buildings, 10 three-story residential buildings and 2 clubhouses).
Minor Variance No. 17MNV02 is request to allow building height increase from 35' to 41' – 10” (19.5 % increase) and elevator shafts 44’-8” in height (27.6% increase).


Rolling Ridge Ranch/Lake Los Serranos Company
Attn: Jack Greening
15111 Pipeline Ave Office
Chino Hills, CA 91709


Project Status

The City is reviewing the application for the proposed development. 

Site Plan