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Budget-based Water Rate Estimator
This is a handy budget-based water rate estimator. To use this estimator, enter your account number, and your usage amount in CCF (hundred cubic feet).  It will break down the indoor, outdoor, and inefficient usage charges as well as the elevation and monthly service charges for single-family homes. This will provide you with the total water charge only and does not include trash or sewer charges.  

Please note:  It is best to use this estimator while having your February water bill on-hand as you do so.  The weather factor (ET) is set to February 2018’s value of 2.9 and the number of billing days is set to 28.  The results will provide you with a handy comparison for the month of February. Note that the estimator DOES NOT include trash or sewer charges and is for single-family residential homes only.

Online Bill Account Number SampleAddress and Account sample
  Online Account # Sample                                                                                   Paper Bill Account # Sample

Online Bill CCF Consumption SamplePaper Bill CCF Consumption Sample
  Online Bill CCF Consumption                                                                                           Paper Bill CCF Consumption