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Articles Related to Tres Hermanos Ranch & City of Industry

11-20-2017 Contractors Spent 3,978 Hours on Industry's Solar Farm
Idea - Pasadena Star News
11-11-2017 Industry Says it Will Provide "A Space for People"-
11-05-2017 CA Dept. of Finance Refuses to Review Industry-San
Gabriel Valley Tribune
11-02-2017 Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Sue City of Industry-San Gabriel
Valley Tribune
10-27-2017 Round Up Time for Tres Hermanos Ranch–O.C. Register
10-12-2017 Industry Publicly Approves Solar Farm–Pasadena Star
09-27-2017 Housing Developers Get Renewed Hope-San Gabriel Valley
09-16-2017 CH Files Lawsuit over Tres Hermanos Decision–Champion
09-02-2017 Cities Ask to Audit Tres Hermanos Sale–Champion
01-23-2017 Oversight Board Postpones Sale of Tres Hermanos Ranch, Demanding Industry's Plans for
the Land-Pasadena Star News
01-13-2017 City of Industry Offers $100 Million-San Gabriel Valley
09-10-2016 Industry Chooses City Clerk Without Discussion–Pasadena
Star News
09-08-2016 Why This Ranch Land Worth $100 Million Will Be Sold to Industry for Just $40 Million-San
Gabriel Valley Tribune
05-07-2015 City of Industry Home Ownership Creates Grounds for Corruption-San Gabriel Valley