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Pomona Rincon Transfer Station
Project Description
The project is a proposed relocation of the City of Chino Hills' Transfer Station to a City-owned 1.4 acre strip of land located south of the Pomona Rincon Sewer Lift Station and adjacent to the 13.4 acre city-owned Pinehurst Park. As proposed, the existing 1.4-acre dirt site will consist of an asphalt concrete paved lot (approximately 35,000 sf), a MS4 compliant bio-swale and landscaping. Concrete k-rail would be placed to form storage areas in order to delineate the types of material brought to the site. Material would be temporarily stored within the K-rail confines before being scooped up and placed in covered metal trash containers. A maximum of 25 vehicle trips per day (12 round trips) would travel to and from the site. Material temporarily stored at the site will consist of green waste from park maintenance, and concrete, asphalt concrete, and hydro-excavated soil from street and waterline maintenance activities. Maximum material retention time is 1 1/2 days.

The project site is located adjacent to and south of the City's Pomona Rincon Sewer Lift Station. This site is located within land which is owned by the City of Chino Hills, and is adjacent to SR-71 Freeway to the east, the newly constructed 13.4-acre Pinehurst Park to the west, and residential developments to the west of the Park, northwest and south.

Construction Activities
Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring of 2018. 

Construction Timeframe
60 working days

Point of Contact
Ron Gaut, Senior Engineer
Ph: (909) 364-2760

Pomona Rincon Transfer Station CEQA Initial Study