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English Creek/Channel Habitat Mitigation Project
Project Description:
As part of the mitigation requirements to compensate for the impacts to jurisdictional areas and sensitive habitats from the construction of the Peyton Drive Widening Phase 3 and English Channel Improvements Project (completed in December 2015), and as mandated by the regulatory agencies (USACOE, USFW, CDFW, SARWQCB), the City of Chino Hills has proposed and developed an on-site English Creek/Channel Habitat Mitigation Project. The scope of work involves creation of three (3) types of habitats: 1) wetland habitat, 2) riparian terrace habitat, 3) riparian buffer areas.

The work comprises, but is not limited to: mobilization, clearing and grubbing, excavation, earthwork/grading to create new riparian wetlands habitat area, furnishing and installing irrigation system, landscape planting/seeding (from available planting palette) wetland habitat areas, riparian terrace habitat areas, and riparian buffer areas; installation of chain link fence/gate, signage along perimeter of mitigation area, provide 24-month maintenance service, and other related work and appurtenances to complete construction and establishment of habitat areas in place per plans and specifications.

English Creek/Channel bounded by McCoy Equestrian Center property line to the north, Chino Hills Community Park to the west, Eucalyptus Avenue to the south, and Chino Hills Community Center to the east.

Current Construction Activities:
Construction of wetlands riparian habitat and planting/seeding has been completed by the City's contractor.  The contractor began the maintenance and plant establishment phase on March 1, 2018, and it is expected to end on March 1, 2020.

Construction Timeframe:
90 working days; 720 calendar days (maintenance service)

Point of Contact:
Fe Rama, Associate Engineer
Ph: (909) 364-2776

Site Plan