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Hickory Creek Trail
Map of Hollow Run and Hickory Creek Trails
Trail Description

The Hickory Creek Trail begins on the west and east side of the Hickory Creek Trailhead. The trail consists of paved terrain with easy changes in elevation. Hikers will choose to travel west or east on the trail with both directions providing a relaxing nature walk alongside the Hickory Creek. Going west the trail ends at Tern Street and going east the trail ends at Pipeline Avenue.

Trail Elevation Chart
Hollow Run Trail Elevation Chart

Other Trails Accessed
Hollow Run
Distance:  1.5 miles
Difficulty:  Easy 
Cumulative Elevation Gain:  240 ft.

Photo of Hickory Creek Trail   
Trail Rating Icons
Dogs must be on a leash.

2.20 Miles            

Difficulty Rating

Trail Difficulty Definitions

Cumulative Elevation Gain
170 ft.

Main Access Point
Hickory Creek Trailhead
Rolling Ridge Drive between Hickory Lane and Willow Lane

Secondary Access Points
1. Aspen Lane & Velour Drive (No parking)
2. End of Duke Avenue (No parking)
3. Valle Vista Drive between Clipper Drive & Velour Drive (No parking)
4. End of Hollow Run Trail (No parking)
5. Tern Street (No parking)
6. Willow Lane between Linden Lane & Balsam Court (No parking)
7. Pipeline Avenue between El Molino Boulevard & Glen Ridge Drive (No parking)

Time Estimate
1.25 hours for a beginner hiker

Trail Hours
May-September, 7 am to 9 pm October-April, 7 am – 7 pm