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Special Needs
Community Services Coordinator

14000 City Center Dr.
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Ph: (909) 364-2704
Fax: (909) 364-2834
The City of Chino Hills Community Services Department provides accommodations for those with Special Needs.  If you or a family member has special needs and an interest in any of the classes or programs offered, please call the Community Services Coordinator.  Staff is happy to discuss accommodations that can be made to help you, or your family member, feel more comfortable participating.

For more about our programs, please check out our quarterly Recreation Guide & City News.

Special Needs Activity Programming 

In April 2016 the City of Chino Hills developed Special Needs Activity Programming to help plan events and activities to fill unmet need in the community. A Community Workshop was held to receive input on the type of programs the community would like to see. 

What is the next step for Special Needs Activity Programming?

Community Services staff has contacted other entities such as the Chino Valley Unified School District, County of San Bernardino, West End SELPA, Special Olympics, and others regarding the possibility of working together to help bring special needs activities to the City. The next planned Special Needs Activity Programming event will be in fall 2016.