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How Are We Doing?

Water Conservation Efforts Must Continue

Chino Hills water customers worked to meet the State mandate to reduce water use by 28% by February of 2016.

Despite saving approximately one billion gallons of water, the effort came up 2.8% short.

Chino Hills achieved a 25.2% reduction.

The Water Resources Control Board’s (WRCB) emergency regulations required a cumulative water use reduction of 28% as compared to 2013 during the period of June 2015 to February 2016.
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The Drought Is Not Over!  Statewide Restrictions Continue!

All water customers in the City must continue their efforts to save water so we can reduce water use in accordance with new regulations. Despite receiving some rain, California is still experiencing a severe drought and the WRCB has extended and revised emergency regulations that ensure that water conservation efforts continue through October 2016. As of our print deadline, the effects of the new regulations were being analyzed for their impacts on Chino Hills. Residents are encouraged to “stay tuned” for additional information on water use restrictions in Chino Hills. The Stage III High Water Conservation Alert, and all of its regulations are still in effect. Visit www.chinohills.org/WaterAlert for updates.

Access to Water-Use Data Helped Customers

The City redesigned the water bill which helped residents see the results of their efforts in bar graphs and monthly/yearly comparisons printed on the water bill. As one of the biggest water customers, the City was intent on setting a good example and is very proud that our efforts resulted in a 50% reduction in water use during the period! Our turf replacement program, use of drought tolerant plants, reduced watering, conversion of some irrigation systems from potable water to recycled water, and careful maintenance of our irrigation systems helped save water.