• Wide Shot of the McCoy Equestrian Center arena
  • Photo of a Horse and Rider walking near the arena
  • Picture of Horse and Rider
  • Photo of rider and white horse jumping
  • 3 White Horses and their Riders
  • A photo of a white horse and rider
  • Photo of a white horse jumping during the Horse Show competition
  • Photo of the McCoy Equestrian Center Arena
  • Photo of a brown horse jumping
  • Photo of rider and horse from behind
  • Photo of two horses and 3 riders conversing
  • A Horse Show competitor is pictured here getting a helping hand.
  • Photo of white horse taking a water break
  • Photo of Horse and Rider Taking a Warm Up Run
  • Photo of the warm-up arena at the McCoy Horse Show
  • Photo of a competitor finishing up her round of competition.
  • Photo of horse and rider jumping with precision.
  • Photo of brown horse and rider at a gallup.
  • Photo of a family relaxing during the McCoy Horse Show.
  • Photo of a horse show jumper
  • Photo taken during a competition held at the McCoy Equestrian Center
  • Photo of horseback riders strolling along English Road

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