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Residential Landscape Retrofit Program

  1. Please note: All information must be provided.

  2. Example: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  3. Example: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  4. Would you like to receive text messages from the contractor for scheduling?

    *Cell phone number must be provided as primary phone number.

  5. Pre-qualification Questions:

  6. *Your account number can be found on your water bill or by calling (909) 364-2660.

  7. *Must be greater than 10,900 square feet

  8. I understand that this is only an irrigation controller and nozzle program.*

  9. Do you have an existing indoor or outdoor automated irrigation controller?*

  10. Is the irrigation controller connected to the irrigation valves?*

  11. Is your irrigation system working now?

  12. Property Owner Age Range:

  13. How did you hear about this program?*

  14. Are you the homeowner or tenant?*

    *Tenants may apply, but only with the permission of the property owner. Contact information for both parties MUST BE listed on the application.

  15. *Please provide any information that we should know about the property.

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