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Posted on: May 2, 2022

City of Chino Hills Statement on Metropolitan Water District's Water Conservation Declaration

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The City of Chino Hills has been closely monitoring the policy recommendations by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and the potential impacts to our residents. A recent announcement from MWD declared a water shortage emergency and implemented a new conservation program for parts of Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties. The announcement included a restriction to drastically reduce water use by limiting outdoor irrigation to only one day a week. The City acknowledges the drought is very real, but the MWD regulation of irrigation only allowed one day per week does not apply to the City of Chino Hills at this time as long as residents continue their efforts to conserve water.

In response to the water supply emergency caused by the drought and the need to find additional solutions, the City of Chino Hills took immediate action to increase our local water resources and collaborated with the State Water Resources Control Board to reactivate a City-owned well with the caveat that the arsenic would be removed. The City Council authorized emergency repairs to the well to remove the arsenic and the well is expected to be activated in July 2022. The local water supply will help provide relief from the shortage MWD is experiencing while simultaneously meeting their reduction requirements.

The City of Chino Hills has been under a Stage II Moderate Conservation Alert level with watering restrictions since July 2016 and Chino Hills customers have made great progress in becoming water efficient. At a future City Council Meeting, the Chino Hills City Council will discuss additional water conservation measures to ensure the City is doing its part to protect this precious resource. The City Council will consider moving from a Stage II Alert, where three days of outdoor irrigation are allowed, to a Stage III Alert, where only two days of outdoor irrigation are allowed.

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