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Posted on: March 27, 2020

Chino Hills State Park is Now Open to Vehicular Traffic

Picture of Chino Hills State Park

What is open now?

Chino Hills State Park is open from dawn to dusk for active recreation with restrictions in place to encourage social distancing and reduce group gatherings.

  • Limited parking is now available to the public.
  • No transactions at entrance station. APM or Pay by Phone only.
  • Trails - all active recreation will be permitted such as hiking, running, mountain biking, and bird watching, and equestrian use rules and regulations are now posted at all trailheads and will continue to be enforced. 
  • Only restrooms in the proximity of the parking lots will be available.

What is currently closed at this park and throughout the State Park System?
At this park:    

BBQ’s, picnic tables, and benches.


  • Campgrounds.
  • High public-use indoor facilities, including museums and visitor centers.     
  • Special events and tours continue to be canceled until further notice.

Are there any new visitor guidelines?
Yes, please see below:    

  • Stay Local: Stay close to home. Walk or bike into the park. Parking is very limited. Do not take road trips to parks and beaches or to neighboring states.
  • Stay Active: Keep walking, jogging, hiking and biking. Watch for one-way trails.
  • Stay Safer at 6 Feet: Maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or more. Gatherings, picnics and parties are not allowed. Visitors will be asked to leave if there are too many people at the park, beach or on trails to allow for the required physical distance.
  • Stay Clean: Be prepared. Bring soap/sanitizer and pack out all trash. 







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