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Posted on: August 9, 2018

School Starts on Monday, August 13! Back-to-School Safety Tips

Most students in the Chino Valley Unified School District start back to school on Monday, August 13. That means more drivers on the roads and more kids walking to school. The City of Chino Hills wants to remind motorists to pay full attention and to set a good example by obeying all traffic laws and parking regulations.

Reduce your stress and get an early start! Check your school’s website for information on drop-off patterns. Be alert around schools and watch for students crossing the street. Pay attention to crosswalks and signage that may prohibit left or right turns, U-turns, parking, or stopping. Obey all traffic regulations. No speeding, no texting, no cell phones, and no U-turns where signs are posted.

Remind your kids to obey the “walk” and “do not walk” signs that coincide with green and red traffic signals. If student pedestrians ignore the signals and block the flow of traffic, complete gridlock can occur. Tickets can be issued to students, and sometimes their parents, for this type of violation.

A “no parking” sign means that motorists may briefly stop to drop off students safely at the curb, but they may not park their car or impede traffic. A “no stopping” sign means that motorists MAY NOT EVEN STOP to drop off students. If you don’t follow the rules, you just might get a ticket.

Deputies from the Chino Hills Police Department will be conducting extra enforcement around schools.
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