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There are numerous public programs available to Chino Hills Residents that provide assistance in obtaining housing and loans, down payment and/or rental assistance, debt and foreclosure counseling, and obtaining home improvement grants.

Browse the information provided below and click on the links to obtain more detailed information on the various housing topics.

When and if new programs and grants become available, the information will be updated on this web page.

Rental Assistance

Housing rental assistance is available through the County of San Bernardino through Section 8 assistance, and the Home-Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program. There are also affordable housing units in Chino Hills at the Heights Apartments which are required to meet affordable housing requirements for 25 units.

Rental Assistance Program Information There are several agencies that provide homeowner and down payment assistance, loans, and homeowner preparation and education.

Purchasing Assistance Information

Debt and Foreclosure Counseling

The City of Chino Hills contracts with the Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board to provide education, outreach, enforcement, information, counseling, mediation, investigation, and referral services.

Debt and Foreclosure Counseling services is also available through the Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board.

Home Improvement

The City-wide Home Improvement Grant Program provides eligible homeowners with grants to assist in revitalizing their properties. Funding is provided by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant Program. Grants will be available in the amount of $5,000. Applications are available in the Community Services Department.

Home Improvement Grant Program Eligibility Requirements