Adopt-A-Family Donor Information

Adopt a Family Event

We have located families in Chino Hills that are unable to provide food, clothing, and toys for their families this Christmas. We are asking families, local businesses, and community groups to "adopt" these families to provide them with the items they need so they may have a happy holiday season. If you are unable to adopt a family, but would like to donate a gift card to be used to purchase gifts for a family, complete the online form and mail or drop off the gift card at the Chino Hills Community Center, 14250 Peyton Drive. 

How It Works 

You may choose to adopt a small, medium, or large-sized family. Once matched with a family you will receive the family's holiday wish list via email. To ensure equality among all adopted families, a minimum of four items and up to a maximum of six items per child will be accepted. An equal ratio between clothes and other items is requested (i.e. Six total items are purchased, three of which are clothing and the remaining three items are toys).

If you are unable to adopt an entire family but would like to help we accept gift card donations to grocery stores, gas cards, etc. These will be distributed amongst all the families to help with groceries and other needs during the holidays.   

Online Donor Application

Donor Applications will be available in the Fall of 2023.  

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