Mayors Honored

Sign UnveilingChino Valley Freeway was Renamed to Honor the Memory of Mayor Michael G. Wickman and Mayor James S. Thalman

On August 14, 2007, the Chino Hills City Council honored the memory of two former colleagues on the Chino Hills City Council when they unveiled the new State Route 71 Memoral Highway sign that renames a segment of the Chino Valley Freeway, the "Mayor James S. Thalman and Mayor Michael G. Wickman Memorial Highway."

Both men made significant contributions to the Chino Hills community. Both Mayors passed away while in office, Mayor Mike Wickman in April 2000 and Mayor Jim Thalman in August of 2003.

Our state-level elected officials spearheaded the legislation (Senate Concurrent Resolution 52) that enabled the renaming of State Route 71 between Pine Avenue and Soquel Canyon Parkway as the "Mayor James S. Thalman and Mayor G. Michael Wickman Memorial Highway."

Memorial Sign Unveiling Ceremony