Water, Sewer, & Trash Service


The City of Chino Hills provides high quality water, sewer, and trash service in a cost-effective manner. Your utility bill includes water, sewer, and trash collection fees.

Water & Sewer Service

Annual Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)

Trash Service

The City of Chino Hills contracts with Republic Services for all trash and recyclable collection services in the City. Residential areas are provided with

three 110-gallon collection bins: one for trash, one for recyclables, and one for green waste materials. If you have questions regarding your trash services and have already established an account with the the City of Chino Hills, please contact Chino Hills Disposal at 800-700-8610 or visit the Republic Services website for more information.

Residential services in Chino Hills are billed directly by the City. Visit the Online Bill Pay system to pay your bill online or call 909-364-2660 to pay by phone.

Commercial services are billed by Republic Services. You can pay your bill over the phone by calling 877-692-9729.

How to Avoid Late Fees

Please pay your bill by the due date shown on your City of Chino Hills utility bill to avoid a delinquent account. Your account will be regarded as delinquent if payment is not made within 42 days of the billing date (not the due date) and a 10% penalty will be applied to the account (the minimum penalty is $10.00). All delinquent accounts not paid by the 49th calendar day after the billing date will result in water service being disconnected on the 50th day after the billing date without further notice.

Other Utility Bill Charges

Have Questions?

Please call the Utility Billing Office at 909-364-2660.