Water Customer Service

Section Overview

The City of Chino Hills Water Customer Service Section is responsible for the maintenance of customer’s water meters, and for ensuring that your water meter is read correctly. Water Customer Service staff also provides service for customers moving in and out of the City.

*Note: To order water service or turn-off service, please call the Utility Billing Office at (909) 364-2660.

Water Meters are Read Monthly
If you have a question about your bill, please call the Utility Billing Office at (909) 364-2660.

Temporary Water Meters Available Upon Request
Temporary water meters are available upon request. All requests for temporary water meters must be made in person to the Utility Billing Office in the Finance Department at City Hall, located at 14000 City Center Drive.

Water Meter Access
Water meters should be visible and clear of any overgrowth, bushes or trees that can block access to the meter. This not only ensures safe, easy access for our meter readers, but provides immediate access to your water meter in the event of a water emergency.

Help Us Read Your Meter Easily!
  • If your meter is located behind a locked fenced area, please call us at (909) 364-2800 to make the necessary arrangements so that we can access the meter for reading
  • Clear the way; remove any objects (vehicles, trash bins, any dirt/gravel) that obstruct the meter box
  • Taking time to ensure easy access to your water meter ensures you will receive better service, more consistent monthly water bills, and we will spend less time trying to read your meter.