Water Distribution

Chino Hills’ water system includes more than 200 miles of water lines and 21,000 individual water connections.

Water Leaks

Help Chino Hills conserve water by immediately reporting water leaks. Maintenance staff will investigate every report of water loss and schedule repair based on the severity of the leak and other possible emergencies in the water system. Please contact us to report water leaks during regular business hours, or for an after-hours water emergency, please call the emergency number listed to the right.

Water Pressure

The maximum and minimum water pressure for any location
served by the City of Chino Hills can be obtained by calling the Engineering Department at (909) 364-2770. Water pressure information is primarily used by plumbers, contractors and homeowners to determine pipe requirements and whether or not a pressure regulator is necessary.

Water Pressure Problems

If you are experiencing low or high water pressure, there are a few things you can check to see if the pressure problem is in your household pipelines:
  • Check the pressure/flow at outside hose bib (usually located in front of your home)
    • If getting good flow at hose bib, problem may be isolated inside your home
    • If very little pressure/flow at hose bib, check the gate valve (located on the standpipe)
  • Make sure gate valve is turned on all the way
    • If gate valve is on all the way, pressure regulator may need to be adjusted or replaced
    • This pressure regulator is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain
  • If problem is not found to be at the regulator, possibly your house line may need to be replaced

Water Pressure Regulators for Residential Use

New residential plumbing requires a pressure regulator whenever the water pressure from the City water main can exceed 80 pounds per square inch (psi). This requirement is from the California Plumbing Code as adopted and enforced by the Building and Safety Division. Although most pressure regulators are adjustable, they are normally set at a pressure between 50 and 70 psi. Regulators are installed and maintained by the property owner. Regulators are always located above ground, usually near where the plumbing enters the house. Older homes may not have pressure regulators even if the water pressure in the City water main exceeds 80 psi because they predate the current plumbing code.