Saddle Replacement - Phase 2

Project Description:

For the past several years, the Public Works Water Division has been repairing water main leaks and service saddle blow-outs in the residential areas of Village Oaks and Oakridge. Prior to incorporation, the saddles were made out of cast iron, which is reactive to corrosive soils such as those exiting in Chino Hills. Approximately 311 service saddles will be replaced within the Saddle Replacement – Phase 2 Project. In addition, the streets in the area will receive pavement repair work and/or slurry seal.


Work areas for Phase 2 of the project consist of the following residential streets:

    A.  Village Oaks
        1.  Crape Myrtle Circle
        2.  Tall Oak Drive
        3.  Pepper Street
        4.  Pear Street

    B.  Overland Heights
         1.  Paseo Del Sol
         2.  Paseo Valle
         3.  Via Castillas Drive
         4.  Via Del Prado
         5.  Via Del Rancho
         6.  Via Flora
         7.  Via Frontera
         8.  Via La Cresta Drive

Current Construction Activities:

The project construction contract was awarded to T. E. Roberts, Inc. at the September 24, 2019 City Council Meeting. Resident notification letters were mailed out to all affected residents in the Overland Heights neighborhood.  

Construction is scheduled to start on Monday, November 4, 2019, and is anticipated to be completed in late March 2020. The saddle repair work will require scheduled localized water main shut-offs. Each affected resident will be notified with a "door hanger" at least 48-hours in advance of the actual day of the shut-off.

NOTE:  No construction work is scheduled during the City's winter closure.

Updates on the construction can be obtained on this schedule

Construction Timeframe:

90 working days

Point of Contact:

Fe Rama, Sr. Engineer
Ph: 909-364-2776

Site Plan