Mission Statement

It is the mission of the City of Chino Hills, in partnership with the community, to continue to develop and maintain the aesthetic beauty of the City, while fostering a safe and family-oriented environment. The City is committed to providing excellent customer service, effectively managing growth, and creating a viable financial plan to ensure the continued success of the City.


We are guided by the belief that the City of Chino Hills is a prominent, beautiful, and well-maintained City. We value our commitment to the citizens of Chino Hills and strive to provide them with the highest quality municipal services.

Community Partnership

We work as partners with our residents to enhance the quality of life in Chino Hills. We respond to the needs of our community, and together, promote Chino Hills as a safe and healthy City.

Honesty, Integrity, and Truthfulness

We value honesty, integrity, and truthfulness as the foundation of our organization. We recognize their importance in upholding our credibility with the community we serve.

People / Employees

Employees are the organization's most important resource. We work together as a team and each employee's contribution is key to our success.


As employees, we take pride in ourselves, our organization, and our community, as we work together to provide professional services to the citizens of Chino Hills.


We value our employees as professionals who provide an outstanding level of service to the citizens of Chino Hills.

Responsiveness to the Community

We are dedicated to service, to identifying and addressing individual and community needs, to being responsive to change within the community, and to enhancing the quality of life in Chino Hills. We are here to serve our community.